Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tonight the stars are out, the moon illuminates my keys and there's a sweet Summer breeze at my back. Yes, I've returned home, and I'm no longer sure where home is.

That I miss New Zealand is an understatement. This means that I will return. For many reasons.
I'll list a few here:

Where else but New Zealand do you find a polite reminder to curb pollution, set in stone?

Where else does garbage look so appealing? New Zealander's take their waste very seriously with common reminders on waste bins such as, "can that be recycled?"

Public art is playful and found everywhere!

A book exchange in the midst of one of the most highly touristed sections of Auckland, located in a shipping container, no less!

I could go on (and I will). 

I plan to fill in more than a few open gaps in this blog over the next few weeks. Stay posted if you want to see and hear more on my travels in the Land of the Great White Cloud (aka Clack Central).

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