Monday, July 15, 2013

Blinded by stubborness

Yesterday was the day I had planned to go to Piha. 2 weeks ago I shuffled hostel and bus bookings so that I might have an extra day to take a few short day trips like this from Auckland.

That was the plan.

However, at the last minute I decided to leave today open to chance, as I know from past experience that really interesting things can happen when plans are left open. In other words, I threw my original plans out the window.

Well, all but one.

I had one fixed agenda for the day that was non-negotiable: I had a small gift to deliver to an artist who I admire deeply. This gift was made by hand, fired by wood, and carefully packaged to survive baggage handlers of all kinds. It survived an 18 hour international flight as well as 4 weeks of New Zealand travel. With just over one travel day left, I was bound and determined to give this gift a New Zealand home.

In the morning my roommate asked what I had planned for the day, and I could tell by the way that she asked that she was looking for company. So instead of being open to possibilities, I told her that I had a delivery to make and left it at that.

I made my delivery and wandered to Mt. Eden for a great view of the surrounding area. Then off the Mt. Eden Village for some browsing, chatting and lunch. When I returned to the hostel after sunset, my roommate asked what I had done during the day and I related the above, stating that it was a much-needed relaxed day (hard to believe that I needed to relax while on vacation, I know). Then I asked her what she had done, and she told me that she climbed Mt. Eden and then took a winding road trip to Piha and KareKare beaches.

"Really," I replied (a bit stunned by the news), "how was it? I was hoping to go there myself."

Sometimes we create our own obstacles.

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